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The company's strategic concept: junle tire to abandon many domestic enterprises is to repeat the "three high" (high debt, high consumption, high pollution) and the "three low" (low level redundant construction, low level replication products, low price competition) mode of development, unswervingly follow the road of boutique tire manufacturing. Depending on the difference of quality and service, the "upgraded version" of the domestic tire industry structure is built.

The company's production concept: raw material is the premise of product quality, design technology is the soul of product quality, equipment technology is the basis of product quality, process assembly is the guarantee of product quality. Strong technology R & D capability and fine scientific management level enable us to have the confidence to ensure perfect combination of product design, technology and assembly, and provide products with higher cost performance and added value for channel partners and consumers.

Company name and trademark products named "Royal", meaning is to make related party and enterprise cooperation can feel good, and seek common development. The company is confident that the path of future development will be wider, the responsibility for the enterprise should be shouldering, and the care and love of the consumers and all walks of life will be better rewarded.